Join the lab

Are you interested in how social biases develop? How to support marginalized children's development? How to foster political activism in children? Come join me!

I will NOT be accepting students for Fall 2024.

But in the future...

You can apply to the Psychology PhD program at University of California Santa Cruz to work with me! 

Before applying, please check out my research interests, CV, and publication pages. Also, please check out my lab website for ongoing studies. If your research interests align well with mine and it seems like a good fit, please email me that you are applying so I can keep an eye out for your application. I typically do not do Zoom meetings before the official application is submitted (unless you are interested in writing a NSF GRFP with me or something similar) but if you have any questions or concerns I am more than happy to have an email correspondence. Interested applicants should apply to the Psychology program and can access the application here. You can learn more about the graduate program in Psychology at UC Santa Cruz here.

The UCSC Developmental Psychology area (where I’m housed) is focused on how development occurs within interpersonal and cultural contexts with a strong emphasis on studying children’s lived experiences. The Social Psychology area has an emphasis on social justice and amazing scholars who study issues of race and ethnic minority psychology. So as a PhD student, you would be in the perfect environment to study how social biases emerge in early childhood!